What I loved this week

The Favourite

You can barely breathe lately without someone imploring you to go and see Yorgos Lanthimos’ latest venture, The Favourite – and I wasn’t disappointed. Daft and devastating, surreal and salacious, we’re transported to the court of Queen Anne (played perfectly by Olivia Coleman) where two women are vying to be the court favourite. While Abigail (Emma Stone) is trying to rebuild her fallen reputation, Lady Sarah (Rachel Weisz) wants a hand in monarchical affairs – and it’s not the only thing her hand is in. This is Lanthimos, though, so his period venture is brimming with phallic ducks, a fat naked dancing man that looks worryingly like James Corden, ample use of the word “c*nt” and Rachel Weisz vogueing. The fisheye-bending camera prowls in a quick wobble behind its subjects, and in short it’s a bit of a madly brilliant way to spend two hours.

Serial Season Three

Like millions of others around the world, I loved the first two series of Serial, but the buzz around the third season has been pretty nonexistent. Series one was based on the murder of Hae Min Lee and the did-he-didn’t-he accounts of her convicted killer Adnan Syed; the second season was about the US soldier Bowe Bergdahl, who walked off his post and was captured by the Taliban for five years.  Series three, however, doesn’t focus on one big juicy case – it’s a year in the life of a “normal” American courthouse in Cleveland, Ohio. It doesn’t sound as interesting as the others, but trust me, I’m six episodes in and I found it way more relevatory and gripping than the others. America, pull yourself together, Jesus.


A social media all about film, Letterboxd lets you rate and review new and old films, add films to a watchlist and see what your friends are also watching. It is SO ADDICTIVE. Apart from hours of scrolling, it is really helpful when you want to quickly pick a film to watch – you just open your watchlist. You can make lists, from the normal (“Foreign Cinema: A Beginner’s Guide”) to the niche (“Films With Non-Age Gap Relationships For Lesbians Who Like To Complain”). Just get it.


Anyone who painstakingly watched all 121 episodes of Gossip Girl and lusted over Dan Humphrey needs to watch You. The still-fit Penn Badgley plays another tech-y stalker, but this time, he’s in full psychological thriller mode. The main character is complex, shady; likeable yet clearly disturbed, as any good villain should be. I’m only two episodes in and I already have set all my social media profiles to private and plan to never visit a book shop again. Addictive.


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