One hundred blog posts

It’s been three years since I first started this blog and this is my one hundredth blog post *cue cheers*. What I thought would be a short-lived hobby has turned into something pretty permanent as I stumbled through two years of Uni, a year abroad and then back again for fourth year. To celebrate, I’m welcoming nosiness and having a look at all of this website’s milestones and stats (I love a good stat and graph, me).

Over 15,000 people have viewed my blog in total (which I find mad), and apparently the most common day for people to visit is a Monday (weird). My highest ever month for views was September 2017 (just as I had arrived in Paris and was feeling particularly pretentious and wordy), and the best views I’ve ever had on a single day was January 6, 2017 (the day I posted the hygge article).

I have INTERNATIONAL readers! I feel like Pitbull! The ten countries that read my blog the most are, in order: the United Kingdom, France, USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Australia, Ireland. In total, my blog has been read in 101 countries (!). This includes 51 people in Hong Kong, 17 people in Iceland and 2 people from Laos. Hello, my two lone Laotian readers.

My top 5 most read blog posts are:

  1. To what extent do the songs of Sleaford Mods uphold or upset our Žižekian “obligation to enjoy?” February 2017
  2. Can ‘hygge’ please die alongside all the other terrible things that happened in 2016? January 2017
  3. Why having two women in the leadership race isnt necessarily a step forward for feminism, July 2016
  4. Roasting my Personal Statement, September 2017
  5. The French Year Abroad: Week 1, September 2017

That Sleaford Mods article has a LOT of views, and I honestly am as confused as you are. It’s an academic essay I wrote in second year that somehow found itself on various reddit forums, Slavoj Žižek fan pages, and eventually I got into a twitter convo about it with Sleafod Mods themselves. Wild. My favourite blog post is still Roasting my Personal Statement. People also liked when  took the piss out of hygge, and when I tried to say relatively profound things about politics.

And those with the least views…

Documentary review: Hitchcock/Truffaut (2015) dir. Kent Jones, September 2016
Sussing out the soundtrack: Mathieu Kassovitz’s ‘La Haine’, June 2017
Things I Loved This Month, September 2018
Christmas Cheer: Film Recommendations, November 2016

The most popular route to people finding my blog is Facebook, followed by Twitter, Search Engines, and Instagram.

I guess what I’ve taken away from this is 1) I’ve been abso shite at writing in 2018, 2) Deprecating wit is my forte 3) Nobody reads me being pretentious about film and 4) I’ve kept up a real hobby for nearly three years! Go me!



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