Things I loved this month

Between drag shows in Hackney, a London tube station-themed party, a lot of Jarvis-cuddles, lukewarm “pork” stir fry from Oriental Chef in Southgate (how are you not closed down yet?) and a heated board game evening, here’s what I’ve loved since getting back from Paris.

Lazy screen time

Two empty weeks at home has meant that I’ve had a lot of spare time to binge on TV and film. I’ve finally joined the Stranger Things party and am on episode 5 or 6 (bear with) and I’ve become a teensy bit obsessed with Matt Groening’s Disenchantment. I am simply in love with the bucktooth-ed alcoholic Beanie, though I have to agree with Adam Buxton and Louis Theroux when they say that AMERICAN ACCENT VOCAL FRY IS BLOODY ANNOYING AND PLEASE STOP, THANK YOU. I saw and loved BlacKkKlansman which I reviewed for The Indiependent, got extremely over-excited by the Strictly Come Dancing launch show, watched the first episode of Killing Eve and fancied Jodie Comer even more than I had before.

My skincare routine

he blue lounge4742 prairie st.memphis, tn (7)

I never normally bothered much with skincare, going from washing my face with a literal bar of soap until I was 18 to getting fancier with a face wipe and the odd bit of Simple moisturizer. When I was interning at Vogue, though, we got a load of fancy free skincare and it has changed everything, my friends. I was never particularly spotty but have designer bags under my eyes as well as extreeeemely oily skin. You could literally use the oil on my face like Minnie’s crisco in The Help. The Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer was so good I went to repurchase it after it ran out, and the the Pixi Glow Mist literally works as a primer, setting spray, and cooling mist. Boujie but beaut.


he blue lounge4742 prairie st.memphis, tn (7)Me and Niall essentially went on a food tour around Barcelona, basing our days around lunch and dinner and occasionally fitting in some sightseeing. We had gloooorious tapas at 9Granados – almond-crusted fried brie, aubergine tempura, patatas bravas, lamb with truffle potato, paprika octopus – with sangria and a whole bottle of wine for about half the price you’d pay in Paris or London. YES PLEASE. We had traditional and yummy pinxos (food on a stick, my favourite) at La Tasqueta de Blai, tradish and delish canelones at El Mussol, more delicious tapas – tuna tataki, caramelised onion and walnut empanadas, even more patatas bravas – at Tosca, and of course, a paella to round things off. I promise we also saw that big church thing and nice glass wall between meals. 

Even more podcasts

he blue lounge4742 prairie st.memphis, tn (7)

I know I’ve already written two whole blog posts (here and here) dedicated to podcasts, so instead of lumbering you with a third, I thought I’d just sneakily insert two that I’ve loved in here. Slow Burn (season 2) is an investigative journalism-type podcast that explores the impeachment of Bill Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and Table Manners is a podcast where singer Jessie Ware and her mum Lennie invite celebs (Alan Carr, Ed Sheeran, Sadiq Khan) round for dinner to talk food, life, family and whatever they want, really. It’s wonderfully relaxed and soothing and funny (Stacey Dooley shitting in an expensive shoebox, Alan Carr meeting Celine Dion in her merch, just to name a few hilarious anecdotes), and she gets amazing guests on.


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