My favourite places to eat in Paris

Back in January I made a post about some café’s and restaurants I’d discovered in Paris and loved, promising to expand on the list when the year was up. True to my word, here are some more gems I discovered while spending irresponsibly on my year abroad – and all picks are veggie and vegan friendly. I know I left Paris a week ago – I’m still clinging on…

Big Mamma

he blue lounge4742 prairie st.memphis, tn (5)

Big Mamma’s restaurants are notorious in Paris – and for good reason. With a handful of hotspots around the capital, they’ve conquered the Paris food scene with their delicious, fresh and affordable Italian cuisine. Head to Popolare for delicious pizza (a margherita is just five euros) – Pink Mamma for delicious steak, or East Mamma for luxurious truffle pasta. Heaven.

Les Pâtes Vivantes

he blue lounge4742 prairie st.memphis, tn

Les Pâtes Vivantes is a delicious Chinese restaurant by Les Halles which doesn’t look all that from the outside, but is known among locals as the place to eat – the long queues are proof. When you venture in, you’ll see someone in the open kitchen hand-stretching  and shaping the homemade noodles. The menu is vast and varied, from scrummy stir fried noodles to noodle soups, veggie tempura, pumpkin fritters and gyozas, along with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. Me and my pals were all obsessed with this place – you can read Jake’s review here

Pizza Julia

he blue lounge4742 prairie st.memphis, tn (2)

Oh Pizza Julia, my sweet sweet Prince. When you walk into this tiny hole in the wall covered in certificates that say “Best Pizza in Paris 2013”, which look like they were made by a ten year old on WordArt, don’t be discouraged – this place is golden. They have the yummiest pizzas ever, including stacked up veggie and vegan options – and there’s a reason why you have to ring up an hour in advance to get one.

Tien Hiang

he blue lounge4742 prairie st.memphis, tn (3)

Tien Hiang is an all-vegan Chinese restaurant serving everything from fried ‘chicken’ (my fave) to ‘beef’ pho, peking ‘duck’ and dumplings. Although it’s by no means healthy – picture a lot of fried, beige things – it is delicious and clean-conscience Chinese food that’s both affordable and super varied.

Hank Burger

he blue lounge4742 prairie st.memphis, tn (6)

Hank Burger is an all-vegan burger joint that meat lovers will adore too (I’m not veggie myself despite the choices on this list, I just have a vegetarian boyfriend, mother and friends – it’s way more fun than it sounds). The (v tasty) patty in each burger stays the same, with each offering a different topping – smoked BBQ, black olives, figs, mustard, fresh veg, etc. Add a choice of side (chips, vegan cheesy chips, coleslaw, gazpacho), and you’re good to go.

Chez Hanna

he blue lounge4742 prairie st.memphis, tn (4)

Rue Rosiers in Paris’ Jewish quarter is infamous for its falafels. Although tourists will queue for L’As du Fallafel, just a stones throw away is Chez Hanna, which me and my friends universally agreed was the best on the street. A huge pitta is stuffed with crunchy veggies, perfect falafels, tahini, chili and topped with a huge slice of fried aubergine.


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