Things I loved this month

March began with a dreamy visit back home, where I spent a week cuddling Hugo who we were dog-sitting. I also saw Lady Bird & Red Sparrow, went to a great International Women’s Day event organised by the Joyce Frankland society, ate strangely delicious vegan duck, and went to drag queen bingo where I won a cucumber-decorating contest.

Apart from that, here are some other things I’ve loved this month.

Queer Eye


After some very persuasive recommendations (thanks Jojo) I decided to binge watch the whole of Series 1 of Queer Eye in about a day. It’s a reboot of the series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and the premise is self explanatory – five gay guys make-over five aspects of a straight guy (their house, culture, food, grooming and clothes). It sounds like trash TV, but it’s wholesome trash. It’s not like Love Island where you need to immediately take a cold shower afterwards. The contestants and fab five are so sweet and it’s the best Sunday night television EVER. I watched it with my brother and we looked at each other and realised we were both crying. Can you tell we’re related? Jonathan is a chick pea too pure for this world and I want a full cardboard cut out of Antoni permanently in my kitchen, thank you very much.

Call Me By Your Name


I watched Call Me By Your Name for the first time whilst PMS-ing hard and sitting alone in the dark, and was consequently left sobbing on the sofa at 1am. It is quite literally one of the most beautiful pieces of art I have ever watched. Can someone please explain to me how Gary Oldman’s rubber chin prosthetic won Best Actor at the Oscars instead of Timothée Chalamet? Also every time I look at his face my heart hurts. The film was beautiful, nostalgic, heartbreaking. I cried, laughed, hurt, loved. The soundtrack and Sufjan Stevens’ original songs are breathtaking. It wasn’t just refreshing to see a ‘gay movie,’ but a movie centered around two people that fell in love with no repercussion, no judgement, no persecution. It’s honestly the sexiest film I think I’ve ever seen. Go watch it, (preferably on a big screen with better quality, which I proceeded to do two days after watching it on a dodgy putlocker link). And don’t leave until the credits are over.

Gentle Gourmet

Niall and I had our two year anniversary at the start of the month and went to get fancy vegan food at Gentle Gourmet to celebrate. Although it was a bit style-over-substance at times, it was fun to see what can be done with plant-based food only. Disclaimer – I’m not vegan, but but am trying to eat less meat – although my mum doing a Gwyneth Paltrow may be having a bit of an effect.


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My new shoes

My one pair of trainers that I bought on eBay for £11 two years ago were starting to look slightly shabby so, armed with an Amazon gift voucher, I bought my lovely new non-practical pink reeboks – they’re Reebok x Face Stockholm Classic Nylon. Here is me wearing them with poorly matched grey socks and a leopard print coat because I got dressed in the dark that day. Also did you know I live in Paris?


My new job!

I’m in my second week working as an editorial translation intern at Vogue Paris which is as cool and scary as it sounds. I’ve been able to put my name on articles about all kinds of things I love, from film aesthetics to Wes Anderson to Harry Potter. I won’t lie, it is pretty glorious.


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