My top three women killing it in journalism and media

Do you know how agonising it is to read something so witty, relevant and perfectly formed, simultaneously marvelling at what you’ve just read and wishing you could have said it yourself? That’s how I often feel when reading the words of these three incredible writers, who spur me on to be a better and more dedicated writer.

Ruby Tandoh


You may remember Ruby from The Great British Bake Off in 2013, where she was accused of flirting with Paul Hollywood to get through the show. Ha ha, jokes on you, sexist tabloids! With a now rather iconic tweet she revealed in 2015 that she is a big fat queer icon, so stick it.

“p.s. for those who thought I fancied Paul Hollywood or that I’d ever bang him to get ahead – JOKE’S ON YOU, YOU MASSIVE S**TTING MISOGYNISTS.”

Ruby is a food blogger who debunks the myth of ‘wellness.’ My adoration for Ruby isn’t new – back in January last year I raved about her article on the myth of clean eating, and since then I’ve followed her and marveled at her witty and intelligent views on orthorexia, food, as well as broader cultural and LGBT topics. She also has the most lovely tinyletter email subscription where I get little presents in my inbox from time to time; her musings on the concept of waffles, the sunshine yolk of an egg and the glory of a December clementine. She is positive, funny, articulates sentiments I wish I could express myself, and is an all-round fabulous person.

twitter • tinyletter • instagram her bestselling book, eat up!

Dolly Alderton


I first came across Dolly Alderton when I would come home from Uni for the weekend and flick through what my Dad had discarded from his magazine pile from The Sunday Times; often the Style supplement, where she had a hilarious dating column that documented her mishaps and musings. Some of my favourite reviews of her include “She has blonde hair and short skirts” (The Guardian) and “Braying posh girl talking gibberish” (Piers Morgan). Every time I read something she has written my heart aches with jealousy that I had not written it myself. And although her writing may seen superficial – dating, how to wear a cardigan, the loveliness of a good jumper – she does it in a way that makes me splutter. For more reasons as to my I adore her writing with every fibre of my being, check out her Infrequently Asked Questions.

Aside from being the most hilarious person I follow on twitter, and writing for every newspaper and magazine imaginable, she hosts a podcast, newsletter and has written a bestselling book.

twitter instagrampodcastbookwebsite

Anna Leszkiewicz


Anna’s writing is fairly new to me, but she seems to write about every vaguely niche part of pop culture that I adore, appealing to my inner nerd who screams someone else gets it!!! One of my favourite things to do is to make pop culture important and relevant despite how ‘surface’ it might seem, which is something Anna does in a way I could only dream to. One of my favourite pieces ever is Far from just “comfort TV” in dark times, Gilmore Girls reminds us that pop culture isn’t stupidbut I relate to and get nostalgic stomach-knots of familiarity from so much of her writing. She is deputy culture editor at the New Statesman where she writes about the highs and lows of pop culture: why we love the mischievous spirit of Roald Dahl, the current relevance of Harry Potter’s media systems, the cult of Louis Theroux. She finds witty significances in things other critics may gloss over. I truly believe that we have scarily identical (mine being significantly less talented) brains.

twitter instagram • website • podcast 


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