The French year abroad: the halfway(ish) point

On a hot day at the end of August, me and my parents lugged five suitcases on the eurostar to Paris and up three windy flights of stairs to my lovely Bastille apartment. The apartment is still lovely (albeit slightly crumb-covered and with a weird smell emmanating from the shower drain) but lots has changed since that first sweaty week where I was bewildered as to why everyone was so rude and in a hurry (this is coming from a Londoner, mind). I guess an update is in order…

Snow came and went in Paris, blanketing the city in a pretty white layer of travel disruption. I think after a severely flooding river and twelve inches of snow, Paris’ transport systems deserve a bit of a break, especially as the phrase ligne 13 est ralentie dans les deux sens now fills me with existential dread.

A snowy Place des vosges

I’ve been taking advantage of the fact that Lucy gets discounted cinema tickets with work and have seen Murder on the Orient Express, Darkest Hour, I, Tonya and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, of which the latter absolutely blew my mind with the talent of the direction and acting. Me and some pals in Paris have also started taking it in turns to cook for eachother (the transition into faux adult life = complete). We’re also currently undergoing a Harry Potter marathon, which usually involves lots of wine, pissing ourselves at minor characters in the background, and philosophising as to how Hagrid’s parents conceived him when only one of them was a giant.

I spent five days in Brussels for work, and got to spend the first couple of days being a waffle-eating tourist. I highly recomment Baogo for delicious asian-fusion burgers (I had the prawn katsu burger with fennel, dill and cucumber slaw with sriracha mayo which was quite literally an explosion of joy in my mouth) as well as The Noodle Bar. We also queued for the heavenly Maison Dandoy famous waffles.


Although I try to live a chic Parisian lifestyle, in reality I’m more like the weird emo girl in the band in Freaky Friday. Cold weather has turned me into a walking swaddle of bobbly coats, scarves and rainbow striped gloves. I say that I’m a self-confessed Winter gal, but I am very excited for warm summer evenings, drinking some vin by the seine and watching the happy strangers do salsa dancing. I’m told that soon all the rats will come out though, which is a great joy to look forward to.

In a frankly unexpected and surreal turn of events, I am HUGELY excited because in two weeks, I’m starting a six month internship with Vogue France (!) as editorial translation intern. I do not quite know how my life got this good, but I’m gonna try pretty hard not to jinx it. Next week, I have my final week of my intership at EURORDIS and although I am sad to be leaving great colleagues and an inspiring organisation, I’m looking forward to plunging into something completely different. I am also VERY excited to go home for a week. Mum, if you’re reading this, prepare the keftedes.


Bisous xo


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