Blue Monday? I don’t know her

Today is apparently ‘Blue Monday’ – the most depressing day of the year. I’m not entirely sure what psuedoscience invented the concept, but I am NOT on board. I’ve changed my profile picture to me clutching yellow flowers in a bout of January sunshine – induced joy, I’ve listened to the sassy Schulyer sisters on the Hamilton soundtrack, I’m sticking to meat-once-a-week January (not so sure about the dry-janaury thing though). All is well.

In a two fingers-up to the 15th January, a supposedly blue day, here are 15 things that make me happy:

The animalistic satisfaction of singing aaaAAAAH FREAK OUT

Waking up in the middle of the night, checking your phone, and knowing you still have hours of sleep left

A bloody nice risotto

Exchanging wine-eyes with a pal after that third glass

The dull, comforting lull of brightly coloured trash TV on a Sunday morning

Discussing the rise and fall of Rory Gilmore with my siblings

Finding a slightly gross and fluffy lipbalm from 2013 at the bottom of your bag

Knowing the answers to niche University Challenge questions

Robin Williams’ films

Laughing giddily at 4pm at work when we’ve all gone a bit mad

Finding 5-year-old exchanges with friends and giggling over your youthful trivialities

Cooking a perfectly sized portion of pasta and having the perfect pasta-to-sauce ratio

Looking at dream airbnb’s with Niall, putting the price limit at £1000+ per night

Blue winter skies and chilly noses

The lemon-y minty taste of fresh Greek food



… and hey, who can be sad when Springtime in Paris approaches?


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