Why was Spongebob Squarepants so weird?

I was sat at work the other day having a bit of a daydream, when my mind wandered to kid’s TV shows. The more I though about it, the more I began to think about how bloody weird most of them are, and Spongebob was definitely the show giving me the most trouble.

I have so many unanswered questions that my young childish mind didn’t seem to be preoccupied with before. Why was there a squirrel from Texas called Sandy that liked karate and lived in a big underwater air bubble? Why was there a meowing snail called Gary? Also, does anyone remember that mockumentary episode about how to make a Krabby Patty? What was that about.

Spongebob himself was quite clearly suffering from stunted emotional growth issues, and should see some sort of marine psychologist sharpish. He literally was a weird child-human who was perennially happy, but apparently in his thirties. I also like how Plankton is married to a computer called Karen. How did the show’s writers skilfully foresee the millennial issue with technological addiction and the burgeoning trend of marrying inanimate objects? So many deeply hidden sociological messages embedded into a show about a yellow sea sponge.

On to Squidward – why was he called Squidward when he’s actually an Octopus? Were the producers just trying to confuse us? Was there meant to be some sort of phallocentric comment about his love for playing the clarinet, and why does he once masturbate with a hoover?

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If we’re carrying on with the ‘hidden message’ idea, there’s really a quite intricate social commentary about the capitalist embodiment of Mr. Krabs and the way he skilfully manipulates his workers for personal gain. How, though, is he a crab, yet is daughter Pearl is a sperm whale?

Geek & Sundry gif meme science woman GIF

What about that episode where Squidward realises he has no happy memories so he stays in his house and gets depressed (and then tries to hang himself I think?!), or that episode where someone called ‘the strangler’ wants to strangle Spongebob for the whole episode? I’m sure there are way more things to note here, but my memory is failing me. (My memory can’t be that bad if I remember all the lyrics to the theme song and the FUN song, but hey).


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