Cringing at my old Facebook statuses

When you’re bored on a Sunday night, and you’ve actually finished that Victorian essay due tomorrow, and you’re feeling nostalgic, and you LOVE cringing at your past self, it seems only natural to stalk your own Facebook. I am not one of those people who came to University with a perfectly polished, revamped, nothing-embarrassing-to-find Facebook profiles. Sure, old photos were deleted, but the statuses were still there, lingering like little reminders to say you used to love JLS and quote 3OH!3 song lyrics with the [8] symbol. Here’s a little selection of my embarrassing early Facebook years, because I hate myself.


So, according to Facebook, this was one of my first statuses. Not too embarrassing, just incredibly pointless. Clearly I thought everyone needed to know this extremely important information.


Live long ‘in’ prosper, yeah? I’ve also literally never watched Star Trek in my life so not too sure why I briefly became a Vulcan in 2009.


I’m sure I had an absolutely mental time getting high off sherbert sticks and sweatily doing the Soulja Boy dance in my neon tutu from Claire’s.


Why was using ‘q’ instead of ‘g’ considered really cool? Where did it even come from? Was I just alphabetically thrifty?


Ah, 2009. The year of the JLS hoodie. Me and Christina used to argue about who got to wear theirs to Greek school. Good times.


So emotional. So deep. So profound. “For I am here wid u.” Forevs.


Yep, one day later I posted the exact same song lyrics, but with slightly worse spelling. “hoe could this be?” Relevant.


Bless you Steph, trying to take an interest in politics. Except I don’t quite think I knew how it works, thinking we had “finally” gotten a Prime Minister for the first time. Or, as I called it, a “primse minister.” Also, David Cameron won, so stop sounding so god damn excited.


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