Mini Lush Haul

It isn’t often that I treat myself to this type of thing. My usual  hair-washing routine involves buying varying £1 Alberto Balsam shampoos, washing my face with soap and the occasional splash of bubble bath – and even that’s gone down the pan in my slightly grim student bathroom. Knowing my online spending splurges, it probably wasn’t wise to go on Lush’s website for a ‘browse’ – luckily, the damage was contained and I only allowed myself to buy four products. Having only used a couple of bath bombs from Lush before, I was really excited to try something new – so here’s what I bought, and what I thought!



This heavenly-smelling little pot contains sugar, jojoba oil, sea sat, polenta, coconut oil and popping candy to scrub away dry skin on your lips. I have a lip-nibbling habit so this product was absolutely perfect to smooth away peeling skin. I wore it before putting on a liquid lipstick and for the first time EVER my lipstick went on totally smoothly. It tastes exactly like popcorn, so try and refrain from licking it off straight away (it’s hard, trust me).




I wish I’d taken a before and after photo when using this because the results were AMAZING. It contains organic agave syrup, ground coffee, vetivert oil, vanilla, roasted cocoa extract, and much more to exfoliate your skin. I had really dry skin on the sides of my noise, plus blackheads, and after using this just once it had all literally disappeared. Apparently, the caffeine is absorbed through your skin so no need for that morning coffee – the smell of this will wake you RIGHT up.




Although the texture of this is a little weird, the smell is a gorgeously sweet tang that is hard to place. With coarse sea salt, honey, linseed, fresh eggs, bergamot oil, lavender oil, fresh lemon juice and olive oil, this shampoo promises to give your hair volume and cleanse your scalp. I have quite thin long straight hair, and this definitely gave it a beautiful shine – I didn’t use any conditioner with it and yet my hair still feels really soft. A little goes a long way, but having said that, I got the small pot which is really tiny considering the price, and considering the length of my hair it will probably run out quite quickly.




I think this bath bomb is part of Lush’s Valentine’s Day range, and is a beautiful purpley-pink with a pink paper rose. It contains/smells of jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang, which apparently all contribute to soothing and de-stressing you. I haven’t actually used this in the bath yet, but pictures online show that it turns your bathwater pink and it smells AMAZING.


(Header image – mine, other photo cred here)


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