Review: The Leeds Tealights – Clever and original student comedy

The Leeds Tealights have long established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, with plenty of 5-star reviews under their belts; they haven’t let this faze them, though, and their new show ‘Rebirth’ was funnier, fresher, and more bizarre than ever.

Warm-up act Will Duggan provided plenty of laughs, and although deftly jumping from topics like AIDS to murder to autistic children may not bode well elsewhere, the crowd ate up his self-described “egocentric wankery.”

After a short break, Tealights-veterans Emre Kose and Will Sidi were joined by newbies Joseph Callaghan, Em Humble and Joe Goodman, yet it was difficult to see who were the new additions; the group had clearly bonded well in their short time together, and each sketch was tightly rehearsed and well executed. Their aptly titled show began with a sort of lion king-esque/pregnancy sketch, which immediately set the tone for a laughter-filled night.

Joseph Callaghan was a particular highlight; every character that he adopted was genuinely hilarious, and his well-mastered idiosyncrasies warranted him well-deserved laughs throughout. Sidi and Kose’s established chemistry was evident in a hilariously erotically-charged, nipple-rubbing, Subway-sandwich-making sketch; other highlights from the pair included a bizarre yet priceless sketch about an Uber driver in space. Yep, really. Em Humble didn’t allow the boys to overshadow her, and a ‘sex addicts anonymous’ sketch proved her comedic flair and timing.

I was truly impressed and stunned at the originality and hilarity of each individual sketch from all five members; the audience were in hysterics throughout, and the group should be incredibly proud of the show that they executed in such a short space of time.

Originally posted on The Gryphon


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