10 Things Never To Do To A French Student

1. Assume that Amélie is their favourite film.

2. Ask them if they are going to be a translator or a teacher.

3. “The subjunctive is easy!”

shut up mean girls regina george rachel mccadams found on teen.com

4. Be a linguistic and comedic genius by saying “voulez vous coucher avec moi.”

girl annoyed eye roll ferris bueller fed up

5. Ask if they eat snails and frogs legs.

gross disgusted eww reaction jennifer lawrence

6. Assume they’re a romantic.

the office dead steve carell michael scott dead inside

7. Think that we’re all posh and rich, and spend the summer with Granny in Cannes.

john travolta confused travolta poor wallet

8. Expect that all we read is Camus and are all, consequently, #existentialists.

honey boo boo celebrity real existentialism

9. Think that the phrase “oral exam” is still funny and not, actually, dread-inducing.

shh quiet silence harry potter alan rickman

10. Constantly ask “how do you say___ in French!” for your own amusement.

shut up the devil wears prada party devil analysis



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