Why we need to #KeepCorbyn and fight the coup

Since the devastating announcement that our country voted for Brexit last week, MPs have called for Corbyn to resign, with around eighty per cent of his peers giving a vote of no confidence. A vicious coup has been launched, led by members such as Angela Eagle and Tom Watson, to “break” Corbyn and take power themselves. This coup, which is evidence that the Labour Party has fragmented completely, is the proof we need that Corbyn’s leadership is utterly necessary; the party needs uniting under the man who won the biggest electoral mandate of any UK party leader in history. We need to #KeepCorbyn.

Firstly, the leaders of the coup are unsuitable and incompetent. Corbyn became leader with one of the largest political mandates ever – 59.5% (over 250,000 votes) – and in the past week the party has received 60,000 new members, with the majority doing so in order to support him. Do we really want Angela Eagle to take over? The same woman who voted to bomb Syria, raise tuition fees, for the Iraq war and for nuclear weapons? Her own constituency wrote to her stating that they wanted her to reverse her vote of no confidence in Corbyn.

Diane Abbott sums up the coup perfectly: “MPs are not at war with Jeremy. They are at war with the members.”

People are attempting to use Brexit as an excuse for the coup. Labour voted in favour of Remain – 63%. The SNP also voted similarly – 64% – so why is Sturgeon being lauded for the process whereas Corbyn is being called to resign?

There are myths about Corbyn that need debunking – most significantly, that he is ‘unelectable.’ One only needs to look at the outpouring of support for him at rallies and at a grassroots level, with thousands turning out at events to support him all over the country, but also when this comes to a head with his enormous elected mandate – he won the biggest electoral mandate of any UK party leader in history. People say he won’t be able to sway Tory voters, but the idea that winning over Tory voters is the only way to achieve electoral success is ridiculous; in the 2015 General election 24% of the electorate voted Tory and 34% didn’t even vote. Corbyn is the perfect man to inspire those who are disenfranchised by the fearmongering elitists in power.

In the 9 months since Corbyn was elected, he has helped put austerity on the national agenda, increased vote shares in places like Oldham and Tooting, and put in place the motion for reversals on Saudi Prison contacts and £4.5bn Tory welfare cuts. His leadership has also helped place U-turns on the Tory government by blocking Disability Allowance cuts and tax credit cuts.

The Blairites in the party are attempting to bully Corbyn, a 67 – year – old man, in order to fuel their own selfish interests. A 67 – year – old man who has dedicated his life to unity and democracy, protesting for the rights of others, and gets the bus around London in his inexpensive suits (in 2010 he was the lowest expenses claimer of any MP) – he’s a breath of fresh air from the Bullingdon elites, and his peers are attempting to “break him as a man.” It’s despicable.

It’s about solidarity, unity and strength.

We need to #KeepCorbyn



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